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CHAN´S grill and bar

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for building permission - August 2001
for construction - October 2001
built – autumn 2001

The restaurant is situated in a reconstructed historical building of Velky Spalicek in the centre of town Brno.

The restaurant by our design and intention of the client ,,Chan´s grill and bar" – Mongolian restaurant – was based on preparing food on a big round iron griddle - reminiscent of traditional cooking on shields of Mongolian warriors – as fast food, meat and vegetables, in front of the customers.

The restaurant has been running for some time under a different name. But the main things remained – kitchen using the space under the staircase, all rear spaces, floors and furniture – but paintings (frescoes) in wild colours and the spirit of Mongolia are now only on our photographs. The restaurant is an example of passing nature and endless evolution.