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for building permission - June 2004
for construction - August 2004
built – February – June 2005

To an originally small one storey house with a pitched roof was in the past added another bay towards a courtyard. Our reconstruction utilises the volume of the loft and adds a new volume of the first floor towards the courtyard. The house still belongs to it´s street with traditional houses and has the right scale for its inhabitants in its present time.

The ground floor, apart of the kitchen, was changed and a new staircase to the under-roof space was added. The new volume of the first floor towards the garden with the roof of small angle was towards the street ballanced by a dormer window of the same angle. And that reflects also in the timber construction, which is visible from the staircase and childrens bedroom. Every part of the house had to be utilised and that is why there are in the top of the loft „eagle´s nests“.

Original parts of the house – walls of the ground floor from unburnt bricks, original wooden ceilings – and new parts – all under–roof space – are unified by using generally valid simple shapes and details. The client created a cozy home by using light solid wood on the floors, interior doors and furniture.