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END of the street house

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for building permission - September 1999
for construction - January 2000
built – spring 2000 - autumn 2001

The house encloses a street with houses from the 1990´s. The house has got a similar shape, but by it´s details and interior order isn´t a copy of it´s neighbours. The house has not got a big building plot (land), but by a bigger setting of the street could be created a garden. All the part of the land, adjacent to the communication (road), is resolved as entrance space with covered parking for two cars and gives the garden privacy.

The core of the house is a living area, which is opened into all the height of the roof space and is connected to the upper floor by a spiral staircase leading onto a walkway. All the space is maximally opening to the south by glass doors and is additionaly lighted by roof windows. Rooms of the roofspace are placed always two and two on sides and are opened into all the height of the roof up to the second roofspace – an “eagle´s nest“.