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House by the FOREST

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for building permission - August 2005
for construction - October 2005
under construction since November 2005 …

The house has a special position – several minutes walking distance from a suburb not far from the town centre, but at the same time it is on the edge of the forest.

The house was built in about three stages – the core of the house with a pitched roof and flat additions rotating on the slope around the main volume of the house – and this principle is kept. The core of the house is again ground floor, newly united into one living space. Under-roof space of the core and addition with a grass roof are assigned for bedrooms. A former big room in addition to the ground floor will be used as our architectural studio – you are welcome!

The house is set off from the road by an original stone retaining wall, in which is a garage and entrance to the house. Behind the wall the terrain is leveled to the ground floor of the house, and that way the core of the house can be connected with an outside living space west of the house, even with connection to the wine cellar.
From the under-roof space, into which there is a possibility of entrance on the slope from terrain, there is also possibility of direct entrance onto the terrace above the studio, that has more private eastern atmosphere.

The aim is to create a house respecting the original character of the house, but with modern generally valid details, with wide usage of natural materials especially in the interior and with the lowest possible energy usage. The house only has electricity connection and that is why usage of alternative sources is a necessity and an impulse for further practical searching of economic ways of energy usage.