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House in the GARDEN

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for building permission - July 2002
for construction - August 2002
built – November 2002 – January 2004

This family house is located in a satelite town where every house is different. That´s why the house is located in the garden and related mostly to the terrain and to a place with the best view.
The client wished to have all the rooms for his use on one floor and rooms for guests. And that´s why it is a one storey oblong house with a single pitched roof going descending with the terrain.
The main volume of the house consists of a row of rooms oriented to the East and from the corridor connecting the main top part and bottom part for guests. To the west side of the main volume, and that way to the corridor, is an adjacent wooden entrance. That way, part of the corridor is enclosed inside the disposition, but by the use of the skylights the communication space became a very pleasant light space. The skylight was used for direct lighting also in the guest bathroom. On the East side of the main volume is a conservatory, that is from one third prespace of the living room and from two thirds of the bedroom, so the client can have the pleasure of looking at plants from the moment of waking up.

Our architecture binds here with high sensibility and overview of the client, that arranged the surrounding of the house into an oasis with wide green areas and charming nooks and crannies.