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for building permission - April 2003
change of the project - June 2004
under construction since June 2003 …

Original farm house is situated on the edge of a small village with several permanent inhabitants.

The house with three wings built arround a courtyard and vaulted gate drive in is big enough for a family with lots of interests and activities.

The core of the house is a living room opened all the way to the roofspace, via a staircase connected to an open space of the Southern wing of the under-roof space. The living room is connected to a kitchen, domestic room / storage of the kitchen. The Western original farm wing is newly assigned for bedrooms – on the ground floor for grandparents and under-roof for parents and children. At the end of the wing is a double storey studio for the woman, who loves creative work from graphics to textiles and ceramics and even runs her own courses. The man has got a private place in the southern wing, where there is a workshop and storage of his activities from diving to bees and horses. All the northern wing is assigned for friends, that are regular guests.

The house has got it´s original beauty, that we tried to maximally keep – original walls, beams, internal doors. But new elements are designed in a modern way – especially dormer windows, new walls, doors and windows. We did not want to pretend, that new is old, but next to new details underline the beauty of the original old details.

New inhabitants of the village are finishing details of their house and surrounding with the sense and are an impulse for the developement of all the village.